Friday, July 13, 2007

Kiddush - vs Havdalah

There is a famous saying - if the Jew doesnt make Kiddush the Gentile will make Havdalah. This means that if we arent proud of keeping our heritage and expressing it and showing that we are Jews and sanctifying G-d's name then the gentile nations make havdala, separation, they will remind us that we are different

I believe history seems to point this out as a truth, from the spanish inquisition & expulsion to the holocaust many Jews who had assimilated and became like the gentile neighbors, and even forgotten their Jewish roots were sought out and forced to acknowledge their Jewish ancestry, how terrible it was! (btw I am not suggesting a reason for our exile or sufferring Heaven forbid I should judge anyone)

May G-d help us to cherish our Jewish background and make Kiddush!

What are your thoughts please share them with us!

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